frank warren
frank warren

The Court today confirmed that boxing promoter Frank Warren won his claim against boxer Ricky Burns. The Judge found that there was no basis for Burns to walk away from his promotional and management agreements.


Promoter Eddie Hearn advised Burns that Warren had no claim at all, saying last March, “we’ve been provided with a letter from Burns as confirmation that he has terminated his agreement… We have advice from our lawyers and I’m very comfortable. There is no contract now.”


However this advice, now proven to be inaccurate, given to him by Hearn and his co-manager Alex Morrison, who did not give evidence nor attend the trial on any day, has proved costly to Burns who must now pay £200,000 of his own legal fees and a further £170,000 by the end of January to pay Warren’s damages and costs, with other substantial sums to follow.


Morrison also lost an action to Warren recently in relation to a libel connected to this case and he too was ordered to pay £110,000 plus further substantial costs.


Coincidently Hearn’s solicitors Mischon De Reya also represented Ricky Burns.


Frank Warren said today, “I’m glad that the Court upheld my management and promotional agreements. I’m sorry that it came to this, as under my guidance Ricky became a double world champion, but his reliance on the advice of others has unfortunately cost him dearly.”