Deontay Wilder Dominant in UD Over Bermane Stiverne

The Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder, it’s got a good ring to it. Deontay Wilder WBC Heavy Weight Champion of the world, even nicer to the ears of The Bronze Bomber.

In a stunning display of skill, endurance, and power Deontay Wilder silenced his critics in a workman like performance at times engaging in a dominant pummeling over Bermane Stiverne to win the WBC heavyweight title.

Wilder used an effective jab to keep Stiverne at the end of his punches all night, setting up big one-two combinations and check left hooks to keep any hope Stiverne had of winning silent.

After the first two rounds of good boxing Wilder dropped Stiverne with a big right hand at the end of the third round that wasn’t ruled a knockdown, it wouldn’t matter as Stiverne had no answer whatsoever for the size, speed, and strength in front of him.

So what does this actually mean for the heavyweight division? The atmosphere around the MGM was positive, folks were excited at the prospect of an American Heavy Weight Champ bringing the sport of boxing back to the forefront of sports. Will Deontay Wilder bring boxing back in the United States? Only time will tell but during the postfight press conference Wilder said “In my perfect world I would fight Tyson Fury next then (Wladimir) Klitchko. Big call outs considering he just got a version of the title, the world recognizes Klitchko as the legitimate champion and rightfully so.

A fight with Tyson Fury would generate great buzz as both fighters are no stranger to trash talk. The national pride angle could be used to market the fight that will surely gain a huge audience by my fellow Instant Boxing brethren in the UK.

Lots of questions were answered tonight, Wilder can take a shot, he can go twelve rounds, he can box and deal with a level of adversity (still to be determined what level), and he can fight through an injury. During the post fight press conference Wilder admitted to injuring his right hand around the fourth or fifth round.

The only question that hasn’t been answered yet is can Wilder restore boxing in America and become the next superstar.


Photo: Isaac Brekken