“DANGEROUS” DANNY GOODE returns to the ring after four year hiatus‏

GOODWIN boxing

December 5th sees the return of “Dangerous” Danny Goode as he hopes to fulfil a real life Rocky story an win titles after four years out of the ring and a 7 consecutive losing streak.


34 year old Goode turned professional in 2004 and was a top prospect racking up 12 consecutive wins until Danny lost his way losing his next seven on the bounce and then retiring in 2010. Danny lost his love for boxing at this time and does not wish to look back and apportion blame but rather look forward.

Danny’s comeback fight is at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth on December 5th against Nikolay Kolyandov who has just come off a title loss in his last fight so it is no easy task on his comeback fight.

Danny is donating his whole purse to Southampton Children’s Hospital and whilst this was his initial reason for coming back he now wants to win a title for his daughter Evie.

Danny had no hesitation is signing with Steve Goodwin on a three year contract and is looking to keep active in 2015.

“I am really focused and Steve has said if I keep winning he will deliver titles for me. Every other boxer I have spoken to says he delivers everything he says so it was a no brainer for me to join him.”

Tickets for Danny’s fight can be purchased by contacting him on facebook.


By buying through Danny you are donating to a great cause.

Here Danny talks with his manager Steve about his comeback.