Coldwell Reflects on Eventful Weekend

tony bellew
Credit: Lawrence Lustig

Dave Coldwell exited the congested Liverpool Echo Arena a satisfied man on Saturday night as his cruiserweight world champion, Tony Bellew, retained his WBC belt with a third round knockout win over American veteran, BJ Flores. The immediate confrontation between Bellew and former two weight champion, David Haye, afterwards was what stole the headlines though and Coldwell, in reflective mood days after, is relishing the challenge of pitting his charge against an opponent he knows very well.

“It’s hard, were the underdog but believe me when I say that Tony Bellew is more than capable of pulling this off,” declared Coldwell. “I know David very well as a fighter and I’ve spent long amounts of time in David’s camps and I know what he does well and where you can exploit against him. He’s got plenty of advantages in this fight but the improvements and adjustments I’m seeing in Bellew on a daily basis tell me that he can have his moments in a fight with Haye and when he gets them he’s got to grab them with both hands. It’s an interesting one and I’m hoping the fight can get made as its a challenge that really interests me.”

Bellew’s path to a Haye showdown is still dependant on certain factors but his dismantling of Flores, a longtime friend of Haye, will do his no chances no harm. Bellew exploded into action during the session and every assault thereafter thwarted the threat of Flores who hit the floor repeatedly after every meaningful Bellew attack. The action was halted in round three and Coldwell was impressed with the power and ruthlessness displayed by Bellew.

“He’s learning all the time and the slight changes in his technique is doing absolute wonders for his power. Trust me, if Bellew catches you then you’re staying hurt and he can land early or late. His power stays with him throughout the fight. Saturday wasn’t the perfect performance and there was a few things with his defence that I’ll be pulling him up on but he learns from his mistakes as well as anyone and he’ll put them right next time out. There’s quite a buzz about the Haye fight and if that is next then Bellew will be ready. I assure you of that.”

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