Well boxing fans, the time is almost here for World War 3.

Rios and Alvarado will collide once again and will promise fireworks! The first two fights were full of heart, emotion, and excitement and this third one will not be anything short of that.

These are the type of fighters that leave it all in the ring and the type of fighters us as boxing fans and the sport of boxing needs.These guys have a fighting style that was made for each other just like Mickey Ward’s and Arturo Gatti’s of yester-year. Now we all remember that exciting trilogy right?

These are the type of fights we want, the type of fights we crave, the type of fights boxing needs!

In their previous fight they both got rocked and wobbled, but managed to recover and keep the exciting fight going, they both left it all in the ring like the true warriors they are. Boxing fans jumped out of their seats as these warriors exchanged heart felt combinations, what a night it was.

A night and fight Mike Alvarado deserved, yes they went toe to toe where Brandon Rios has a great advantage, but Alvarado’s boxing kept him in front by a slight margin proving he was the better man that night. Rios immediately asked for the rematch, which of course we all wanted, well that time is now.

This fight will deliver, this fight will excite, these guys will be throwing punches with all their might! This will be one of those fights that will give you that good ol’ gut feeling of excitement and will most likely have you jumping out of your seat. (So be careful with your beer)

My prediction and result for this fight will have to go to Alvarado. I believe he has learned that going toe to toe with Rios isn’t such a good idea, don’t get me wrong I do believe there will be some toe to toe action due the tremendous heart these guys have but Alvarado will pull in front by focusing on his boxing and his jab. I’m sure Alvarado has learned a thing or 2 from his action packed fight with the Mexican warrior Juan Manuel Marquez.

So for all you boxing fans out there, this is a fight  you surely don’t want to miss this Saturday only on HBO, this is the fight that will complete the trilogy and neither of these 2 determined fighters will want to lose! So stay tuned my fellow boxing fans!