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Calvin Kahn

Throughout his career, the boy from Bolton has been ridiculed for any move he makes. Headlines after headlines highlighting negativity seem to be fair game when it comes to the two-time world champion.

The Olympic silver medallist has exhibited a valuable lesson to the boxing world. Resilience, no matter the hate, no matter the amount of times he has been put down inside and outside of the ring, he still comes back, better, stronger, happier. I have not seen a man deal with negativity in such exquisite manner. He has taught us how to overcome obstacles, how to regroup and most of all how to stay positive in a cynical sport.

Amir Khan is one of the few British fighters, who has always supported his own unlike other fighters such as Carl Froch. When Kell Brook faced Shawn Porter, Kell Brook was a heavy underdog; many believed he would not defeat Porter. But it was Khan voiced his support, showing encouragement to an individual who has hatred towards him.

When Tyson Fury was lambasted for even uttering the words “I’ll beat Klitschko” even the entire Sky Sports Boxing team indicated Klitschko will win, it was Amir Khan who stood by his fellow pugilist and declared “Tyson Fury will defeat Klitschko tonight.” Not Adam Smith, Johnny Nelson or Carl Froch. Yet Amir is criticised for being a sellout, a man who does not care about his own nation.

Just ask one of the most successful trainers in the UK, Joe Gallagher, his whole camp is based out of Amir Khans gym in Bolton, Khan has provided excellent facilities to help Scott Quigg, Anthony Crolla and Liam Smith attain World Titles. He has well and truly given back to his community and helped nurture talent for future generations.

Khan has become an excellent role model for the youth in the UK, his constant humanitarian work is unrivalled by other boxers, he has stalled his career to travel around the globe to help those less fortunate than him, yet the fickle fans still find ways to scorn him, to outlaw him from the British Boxing community.

I have met many boxing fans, trainers, fighters who had a dislike towards Khan all of whom had changed their tune when they met Amir at various events/shows. Unlike some fighters, Amir never forgot his roots, he is one of a select few superstar boxers who has time for people, many fans have told me how Amir Khan stays behind to sign as many autographs and take as many pictures with anyone who wants to meet him.

Khan has provided hope to many British Asians, in a world where there is a severe shortage of Asian representatives in sport, especially boxing and soccer, Khan has broken boundaries and kicked down doors that will provide routes for the next superstar to come through and shine in years to come.

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