LAS VEGAS  — September 9, 2014 —  The American Boxing Association, the United States’ only All-American sanctioning body, will attend this Saturday’s Box Fan Expo.  During the event, the ABA plans to present Chazz Witherspoon with the American Boxing Association’s Heavyweight Title Belt, and Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis with the Welterweight Title Belt.

“We are excited to attend this unprecedented event,” said American Boxing Association President Dean Smith.  “Both Chazz and Mookie are deserving of this honor, and we are thrilled to present them with these titles at the Box Fan Expo.”

For his part, Witherspoon is honored to become the first Heavyweight Champion. “I’m definitely honored. I feel privileged to represent the belt, and I’m really glad they thought of me to represent the belt. I try to conduct myself as a gentleman.  That’s my nickname. I try to be an example to the kids, and to anyone I come in contact with. I definitely won’t do anything to diminish or tarnish the reputation of the belt because I try to conduct myself as a champion in life.”

Witherspoon plans to defend his title as soon as October or November.

As ABA Champions, both Witherspoon and Pendarvis will have life insurance policies established in their names, and financed by the ABA.  “Many fighters find themselves unable to attain life insurance because of their professions, and worry about their families’ future,” said ABA Vice President Juan Curiel.  “We want to give all American Boxers access to life insurance for their families, and plan to have folks on hand at the Expo to talk to fighters and coaches. We hope all of the Box Fan Expo attendees stop by our booth so we can introduce ourselves and the ABA.”

The American Boxing Association (ABA) was created to allow for American boxers to have a belt to fight for and defend with a sense of national pride.  Like our counterparts in Great Britain, and other parts of the world, the ABA aims to provide an opportunity for American citizens to fight for and defend a patriotic title. The opportunity is available for all American boxers with requisite experience, drive, and dedication.

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