Arthur Abraham showed last night that there is still plenty of fire left in his belly if the occasion calls for it.

The WBO super middleweight champion picked up a unanimous decision victory over former British champion Paul Smith in a fight which left nothing to uncertainty.

Whilst Smith right throughout the contest was always game and consistently fired in nice body shots under the elbows of the veteran champion,  Abraham always seemed to have considerably more power.

At 168 pounds whilst not the puncher he was at middleweight, Abraham’s advantage helped him swing a number of key rounds which were hanging in the balance.

The two weight world champion always enjoyed most success when backing his opponent against the ropes and releasing a combination of punches to body and head. Whilst counters from Smith came frequently,  the Liverpool man failed to ever break the high held defensive guard of the champion and that ultimately was his downfall.

Smith was backed by a strong army of fans which had descended on Berlin, following the Merseyside man’s stellar performance against Abraham last year in Kiel.

Although hurt at times, Smith showed massive heart, biting down on his gum shield and gritting through the remainder of the round, always firing back at moments where he seemed most hurt.

In the end, experience told. Abraham has perfected the ability to work for thirty seconds of each round, managing to look busy enough in the remainder, to sway both the crowd and judges with one or two quality arrays of punching prowess.

After twelve rounds of action judges tabled score cards of 117-111 twice and 116-112. Although in the first contest, scores were deplorable, no such accusations can be levelled this time around.